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Tesseract Qualifier Series: Official Tournament for Southeast Asia!

Tesseract Qualifier Series: Official Tournament for Southeast Asia!

  • AdyEndrus
  • |
  • Feb 01, 2016

The wait is over. Teams and players have been asking for an official Super Evil sanctioned tournament structure in Southeast Asia, and after months of preparation, it has finally arrived. The Tesseract Qualifier Series joins VGL North America, VGL Europe, VGL South America and VGL Korea as the official Southeast Asia league for Vainglory.

Soon, the stars of SEA will have their moments in the spotlight and their opportunity to become household names within the Vainglory community.

Registration for the Tesseract Winter Qualifier begins today and will remain open through Feb. 7. More information about dates can be found below:

Date Event
Feb. 7 Registration Deadline
Feb. 11, 12 Round of 64
Feb. 13, 14 Round of 32
Feb. 20 Round of 16
Feb. 21 Quarterfinals
Feb. 27 Semifinals
Feb. 28 Finals

This official Qualifier Series includes a total prize pool of $1,200. Competitive teams interested in joining can apply here. Each applying team will need to provide their team name and tag.

Games will be played and streamed between 6-10 PM SGT on Tesseract’s Mobcrush channel.

Tesseract eSports has organized and hosted a number of successful community-run tournament events in the Southeast Asian region, including the Vainglory SEA Championship, Vainglory Indian Championship & Vainglory World Series. Now, they take the next step as an officially supported organization.

Get your team ready and apply to compete in the first officially sanctioned Vainglory qualifier in Southeast Asia!