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Tony’s Rise: All The Way Down

Tony’s Rise: All The Way Down

  • Vainglory
  • |
  • Feb 24, 2018


There’s nowhere to go but down. You slide slowly through the middle of the mountain into a cloud of glowing, noxious fog. Sniffing, you try to stop and climb upward – every demolition dwarf knows the smell of a dig gone too deep. But it’s too late: you’ve reached the pipe’s end and so you fall, landing hard on your bum.

A metal dome curves above with pipes protruding out of it. Below you is the lip of a well.

Trying not to breathe, you scoop up a bunch of the scattered, glowing crystal shards that you lost, race to the airlock, sneak outside, and duck into the first door you see…

…but it’s a supply closet. The shelves up to the ceiling are covered with cyborg parts. Dang! How’re you gonna get out of there without the engineers seeing you?
In a flash of genius, you grab stuff from the shelves and start duct taping it together. A motherboard here, some legs and arms there, a hard drive, maybe some extra RAM, and you have a slapdash distraction.

The makeshift cyborg crashes through the closet door, wielding your power punchers. It runs willy-nilly around the work space, punching anybody in its way. You duck under the DO NOT CROSS tape, all the currency you’ll ever need again in your pockets, the sounds of Pippa’s panicked yelling echoing through the mountain.


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